Celluderm technology is a non-invasive drainage system designed to stimulate and improve lymphatic drainage. The combination of heat and a vacuum section activates the lymphatic system and drains excess fluids and harmful toxins from the body.

Suction is applied to the heated fat cells fat molecules are then pulled across the cell membrane and released into the surrounding lymph fluid. It is then guided to the lymph nodes and into the bloodstream to be metabolized by the liver. This reduces the size of the fat cells in the areas target and smoothest the appearance of warped fat under the skin, best known as the “cottage cheese” effect.)
> Stimulates and improves the lymphatic and immune system
> Reduces cellulite
> Accelerates the metabolism
> Re-sculpts the body in localized areas
> Relieves muscle pain
> Reduces the pain of Fibromyalgia
> Enhances skin’s elasticity
> Reduces water retention
> Eliminates toxins and harmful deposits that poison tissueul deposits that poison tissue


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